Communications services

Good communciations are based on trusted relationships

Despite new media we are kind of old-fashioned.
We believe that the key to good communications are trusted relationships
with stakeholders - with employees, the community, suppliers, and media for a start.

Social media has changed the ball game. It's not just that everything is quicker but
that new relationships are formed that are more extensive and interrogative.
Organisations - particularly those under the spotlight - can't get away with saying
one thing and doing another. And we think that's a good thing.

We also think an awful lot of money is being wasted on new media by organisations
that think they must do something but don't know quite what.

Our appoach is simple, we integrate social media into everything we do.
And we take a responsible approach to how we advise others to communicate.

Services include -
- full media office services - we run your press office 24/7
- strategic positioning - what do you want to be famous for - now and in the future
- communciations strategies including social media policies  
- writing and editing - from press releases, features to annual reports
- internal communications
- external communications
- media and presentation training
- communications evaluation includijng social media monitoring

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