Organisational responsibility

Organisational responsibility - its corporate responsibility for all
And it's all of our business

How organisations impact on communities and wider society, and on the
environment, is not just their business. It's our business too.

Responsible organisations think about their social and environmental impact.
They take action to maximise the benefts and minimise negative impact.
They put in place management and performance measures to monitor change.
And they report on their activity. Their actions can be judged

While quoted companies have explicit requirement to include information about
their social and environmental impact in their business review, ultimately they will be
judged on the quality of their activity and how they communicate this to

Services include -
- advice on overall strategy, co-ordination and project management
- social, ethical  and environmental auditing using a bespoke audit tool
- comparative competitor research
- designing and implementing corporate responsiblity campaigns for employees
- developing global programmes and policy frameworks for multi-national organisations
- advice and training on the law and organisational responsibility

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