Reputation strategy

It's the most important asset you have.
We help organisations build and protect reputation.

Managing reputation is all part and parcel of managing an organisation.
If you know what you want to be famous for, it's quite easy to see what you
don't want to be famous for.

All too often, organisations fail to put in place policies and practice that
will help prevent issues arising in the first place. While others lurch from crisis to
the next crisis.

If organisations spent more taking measures to prevent issues arising they would
spend less on dealing with things when and if something goes wrong.

Putting policies in place, taking swift and ethical action and learning from
compliments and complaints is all part of running an organisation successfully.
So too, are open and transparent communications.

Protecting reputation is all part of promoting a good track record
and a good reputation.

If you are not sure where you are heading we work with you
to help articulate your vision and deliver a narrative from which key messages
can be consistently delivered to your stakeholders.

And like any good narrative, we work
with you as your story unfolds.

Services include -
- stakeholder analysis and mapping
- narrative and message development
- issues and crisis management
- brand values and articulation
- public policy and ideas innovation


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